Greenway Smart Stove - Making meals healthier and happier

Gramalaya Microfin Foundation is promoting Greenway Smart Stove under Energy Initiatives with the support of Bank of India and Grameen Infra Pvt. Ltd.. Greenway Smart Stove, GSSV3 is a single burner high efficiency cookstove designed as an eco-friendly and modern replacement for traditional mud & stone stoves. GSSV3 is an award winning design innovation that uses no moving parts to deliver fuel savings up to 65%, minimizes harmful emissions of CO, CO2 and Particulate Matter (PM) and delivers convenient cooking without any requirement of fuel processing or change in cooking habits thus solving the health, environment and fuel collection effort required for operating traditional stoves. So far Gramalaya Microfin Foundation (GMF) distributed 755 stoves to their clients with the loan support of Bank of India, Tiruchirapalli Branch. The stove product is linked with Bank of India CSR initiatives. Clients are giving good feedback of the product in terms of fuel consumption and smokeless.