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Guardian MFI is providing Institutional Development Service and MIS support for Gramalaya Microfin Foundation and its staff members. Earlier, BASIX, Hyderabad through Indian Grameen Services provided IDS and MIS support to Guardian MFI where Guardian was developed as one of the role model MFIs providing water and sanitation loans. GMF will get IDS support for next one year period from Guardian including hands on training to the field-level staff. Further, GMF will developed its operational policy manual, accounting policy manual and HR manual based on the mentoring support from Gramalaya NGO and Guardian MFI.

The internal audit and control systems and HR policy of the Guardian MFI was strengthened through the capacity building support of MicroSave, Lucknow. Based on the MicroSave support, Guardian after implementing the HR policy and internal control system in practice and found a robust system for MFIs, imparting the key learning points and strategies to GMF for creating similar such systems for GMF operations.

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