• GMF - Micro Loan Fund for women Entrepreneurs

    Gramalaya Microfin Foundation is aiming at micro-loan programs that serve as start-up or expansion money to small businesses in the rural and urban areas. To be eligible for these loans, the client should meet the minimum criteria of member of women Self-Help group or Joint Liability Group. The initial funding for these programs is proposed to be raised from banks, financial institutions and private donations/grants. These funds are specifically for micro-enterprise development and combines basic business education, management skills with small loans.

  • Business Counselling Centre

    The Business Counseling Centre established at the Gramalaya Training Centre is supporting interested women to start their small business by providing technical and professional assistance including arranging for financial support and market tie up arrangements. The business counseling centre will provide the project feasibility reports including the cash flow analysis of new trades and other self-employment works. Currently, the business counseling centre has identified more than 60 trades meant for rural and urban areas that include agro-based, service oriented, industrial based and self-employment. The Business Counseling centre is in collaboration with other recognized training institutions and business incubation centres arranging a number of skills training program at regular basis based on the demands and potential of the local people and areas.

    Loan Guidelines:

    • Amount : Rs.10, 000 – Rs.25, 000/-
    • Loan period : 12 to 24 months
    • Interest Rates : 24% on reducing balance method
    • Loan Uses : Start-up or existing business expenses, including capital expenditure and working capital.

  • GREAT Skills training support

    Women interested in getting micro-loans for their business can approach GREAT – Gramalaya Entrepreneurs Associates, Tamil Nadu for getting hands on training on different trades such as bee keeping, banana value added products, mushroom cultivation, leather products, Poultry farming, commercial tree plantation and a number of other vocational training. GREAT is assisting the existing women entrepreneurs to market their products through its retail outlets and other market tie up arrangements. After successful completion of skills training, the women are encouraged to approach the local banks, make use of their own savings, internal savings of the women self-help groups or can seek the financial support from GMF.

    For more info about GREAT – log on to : www.greatwave.in

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