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MIS & Internal Control System

Gramalaya Microfin Foundation received Institutional Development Service and MIS support from different training institutions and MFIs. GMF has followed its operational policy, Finance policy Internal Audit control policy and HR policy based on the mentoring support from Gramalaya NGO and Guardian MFI. The internal audit control systems and HR policy was strengthened through the capacity building support of MicroSave, Lucknow. Based on the MicroSave support, implemented the HR policy and internal control system in practice and found a robust system for MFIs. The Internal audit manual is in detail the guiding principles and main procedures of internal audit, involved in delivering microfinance services to the clients of GMF. The Internal audit manual serves as a guide on both operational and financial controls for the microfinance program of GMF and is aimed at standardizing and conducting the operations professionally by keeping the level of service to the highest.

GMF Operational Policy and Manual serves to provide guidelines to management and field staff at both the head office and branch offices. This helps to strengthen the overall management capacity of GMF and to ensure high quality loan portfolio through the application of standard microfinance practices. The policies and procedures are to be applied to every step of operations at GMF. All GMF employees share responsibility for ensuring that operations are fully incompliance with the policies and procedures. The Internal Audit and Risk Management team should work closely with the management in case of non‐compliance. Although the policy and manual should stand the test of time, it may be modified to reflect the legislative, political and economic changes of India and its microfinance industry.

GMF recognises that growth of any institution is directly linked to the human resources that it has. In order to ensure fairness and transparency, GMF has followed a comprehensive HR Policy, which is based on ethical practices and equitable dealing with all employees.


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GMF – Gramalaya Microfin Foundation is a non-profit organization registered as a Section 25 company founded in the year 2011 with the objective of eradicating poverty through livelihood promotion activities through increased access to financial services.

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